Methodology and Approaches

We place great importance on transparency in our methodologies, and strive to ensure that they are accessible and understandable to all market participants. We provide detailed documentation of our methodology and assumptions, including the factors we consider in our credit analysis, the weightings we assign to each factor, and the process we use to assign credit ratings.

Bank Rating

Bank crises are not a new problem. But the warp-speed demise of Silicon Valley and Signature Banks (March 10-12, 2023) triggered rapid-fire regulatory responses, set aside established regulatory practice, and ushered in a new era of challenge for deposit-taking bank markets. Spectrum Ratings is meeting these challenges by providing ratings reflecting risk in real-time. Spectrum bank ratings assess the all-in credit impact of the evolving capital, asset quality, earnings and liquidity trends from call report data warehouse Bank Reg Data and other sources.


Finance Approaches

Structured Finance